The history of the finals week art in the library

For several years now, Roger Feldman and Scott Kolbo’s 3-D Art students have placed their end-of-the-quarter projects in the library during finals week. Below, Professor Feldman discusses the origins of the project and how the space is used to inform the art:

In 2009, I had the students in Art 1203 (Three Dimensional design) place their final projects on sites around campus that helped to inform the project. After trying out various locations around campus for this Freshman/Sophomore course assignment, Bryce Nelson, the Library Director at that time, asked if I would consider having them in the Library. We agreed on some ground-rules and decided to give it a try.

The assignment has two aspects: Create three objects that tell a story, and locate those objects near the corresponding subject area in the Library. Students have almost half of the quarter to work on this project, using simple techniques and materials including paper mache, plaster, wire, cardboard, tape, and enamel paint. After learning how to scale 3-D objects up or down in size, students go through an elaborate process of selecting a subject they are interested in and then selecting 3-D objects that would ultimately allude to their particular interest or book in the library.

From my standpoint, this has been a highly successful venture for our students. These pieces are typically displayed in the library during Finals week and removed by the end of Finals. The students feel like their work is on the line because their peers are going to see the work! We greatly appreciate the library for their willingness to take a chance with us, and hope to continue to create new works into the future.

Roger Feldman/Professor of Art

Note from the blog editor: This quarter, Scott Kolbo is teaching the 1203 Design class. He graciously provided a sneak peek of some of the installations-in-progress that will appear in the library next week during finals. Take a look at what’s coming, and drop by the blog next week for an update to this post with pictures of the finished work:



Update (3/22): Have a look at a few of the finished products at the library:

Art_fish_pond Art_mask1 Art_marypoppins Art_birds1Art_spider3